There is no person in the world would he appear? who would not dream at least once to run away.There exists an immeasurable set of the reasons, forms, schemes and sayings, a propatter, that is the scientific theory and popular wisdom in help, these throwings - wanderings, tragical disappearances and other humanitarian actions, - (any sort of conference, symposiums acongresses where complain and criticize), on the other hand - tourism, pilgrimage, wandering, asceticism, exile, direct, but more precise - crooked travel for the better share, will, etc. Eventually, night vigils with the companion - most refined of manners "disappear", "plum", "rest" is developed. Everyone Runs! (People's Deputies? Administration? Supreme?). Run in the thoughts, which is more dangerous. Maybe it is time to settle, stop this chaotic run, take a break?In some province, a place in all senses, among stones, rocks and grapevines. In the mornings tea, liquid porridge, water-melons...but only not trembling circles of poets with the pupils expanded from news, - any drafts from capitals under our sluggish togas - chlamyses. Absence of any bloody beatings, slaughter, faults. Nothing further then Bach (Ernst) and Handel, and mister Glitch with his "Orpheus", some Italian tenors for the extreme case... "The soft farewell sun, an approach of a shadow gentle. The hippopotamus blonde curls has hanged out - his body from a stone in depths... Surroundings his is cloudy, supported in silence proud the bases of ablution - a principle of rest in hall Ai-Petri" (for example), (or) "Green nice blocks... Yesterday searches on strings, Vine was much and stone pines, and appearance were lost in a gloom; songs in strange languages flew one after another, and we walked in the darkness to the sea... have then dispersed home. Fond and araucarias do not wait!

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